Questions for Girl's (इस आर्टिकल को हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें)

In India Mostly arrange marriage happened. So it's very difficult for boy's and girl's what to ask when first meet a girl or boy for marriage purpose. Here we providing some question from which you can start talking then will create a friendly environment before discussing some serious matters between the two. It's make a comfortable environment for both the boy and girl to explore each other and understand much better.

Remember that you are both nervous wrecks behind those faintly smiling and blushing faces. So try to make each other comfortable. It would be a good idea to start the conversation on a positive note. Say things like, “You have a beautiful house”, if you are meeting at her place. If you are meeting someplace else, comment on her family, like “Your parents are really sweet,” or “it was nice of your parents to set up this meeting” even if you don’t think so 😉

A. First set of question that will make a comfortable environment for conversation.

1. Talk confidently by making eye to eye contact, Firstly you can ask meaning of her name ? ( you can admire her name, or meaning of her name by saying sweet name or unique name etc.)

2. What are your hobbies ? ( this can lead to some interesting conversations which will give you a fair idea about his lifestyle, nature )

3. You can ask about painting or art if any present at that place ? ( If the art piece made by her, you should admire her art too ) 

4. Favorite Color, Movie, Actor and Actresses ? (You will get an idea, what she is looking in her future husband)

5. Whom all the members in Family ? (You will know her interest in joint or single family)

6. In your family, whom you are closest ?

7. Ask about her friends circle ? (You will know how social she is)

8. Favorite song, you can also ask her to sing that song once ? (You will know how sweet her voice actually)

9. What you usually do after coming back to home after office or in free time ? (You will know her day to day life)

10. Ask for Her Favorite dishes and then for his cooking practice ? (You will know how much efficient she is in cooking) 

B. Take conversation to Next Level (The real questions).

11. What are your future aspirations ? (You will know how much ambitious she is )

12. If she is qualified you should ask for her future planning towards career point of view.

13. What are your expectations from your partner ? (Get an idea about her interest in you, if she has initial interest in you she would include some of your qualities in her expectations)

14. You can ask her preferred order in Career, Family, Money ? (You will get a good idea about how much money minded she is)

15. Can ask about her view on joint family ? (You will get idea about she would like to live in single or joint family)

C. Question can be asked in 2nd Meeting.

16. Are you comfortable in moving to another city/country with me if needed?

17. What are you education qualification and would you like to continue studies?

18. Would you like to work after getting married or become a homemaker?

19. Are you battling from any disease or have any medical condition?

Author  : A boy who has meet 37 girls for arrange marriage and still single .....................