How to Resize (Compress) Image

In various form filling you have seen a fix size and dimensions images are allowed for upload. So you need to compress images for reduce it's size (from MB to KB). Sometimes you need to fix image dimension like 100*100 Image etc. Actually it's very simple and easy to compress or resize and crop the image according to your need. You need a simple software for that and good news is that this software almost available in your system itself. Yes if you have MS-Office installed in your system then a Microsoft Office Picture Manager is also installed in your system. Just open the Image in MS-Picture Manager as given in below image.

Steps : 1. Go in Start -> All Programs -> Microsoft Office -> Microsoft Office Tools -> Microsoft Office Picture Manager

2. Now Right click on Image that you want to compress and select Microsoft Office Picture Manager as shown in below image:


3. Now image will open in Picture Manager -> Click on Edit Picture option as shown below:

4. Now you will see a Window Appear on Right side in Picture Manager having Various Options:

A. Compress Image (Reduse Image Size)

A1. Click on Compress Pictures If you want to Reduce Image size in KB. See Below Image:

A2. Now you have various options how much you want to compress, Select as per your need. And Save file, now you have reduces size image for upload in various forms.


B. How to Change Dimention of Image

B1. Edit Pictures -> Rezise -> Set size you want

C. How to Crop Image (Remove Extra Part)

C1. If you want to cut particular part of picture you can do in picture manger by using crop option Edit Pictures -> Crop -> Take mouse over the image and pull or puch the image from any side. You can cut any part that you dont want in image.