Questions Avoid in First Meet

When ever go for meet a boy or girls for arrange marriage, its confusing for both what to ask ? Here we are giving some question that you should not ask in very first meet. It can ruin your first impression. 

There are some questioning that may uncomfortable both of you. So you should avoid such questions in very first meeting. 

1. Do you plan to live separately after marriage? ( Well, we are not asking you to change your preferences and compromise !, Asking this question on the very first meeting might make you come across as a negative person. There are many indirect ways to know his preferences. So, just avoid it, to save yourself the tag of a home-breaker! ) 

2. By the way, how much do you earn? (Money is important, but asking about the salary directly in the first meeting is outright insulting and offensive. A question like, “What are your future career plans?” can also give you a better insight of his professional front and your future stability with him.)

3. So, how many girlfriend's/ boyfriend's did you have? (Just like you, your prospective groom/bride may also have a past. Believe Me! No one gonna tell you the truth.)

4. Do you like me? ( You may get either a frank reply or an absolute lie, which might either put you on cloud nine or leave you with a blank face.)

The entire process of finding your 'Mr. Right’ or 'Miss Right' an itself be an enriching and memorable journey.  So, try to keep it simple and uncomplicated. Keep certain things on hold for the first meeting. Try to know him as a person, his likes and dislikes, his goals in life, etc. This would break the ice and clear the ground for a stronger relationship in future.

Of course, questions about his financial stability and figuring out your compatibility with him are very important. But yes, saying the right thing at the right time is equally important.